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St. George Plantation

The Plantation encompasses approximately 1,200 acres, including 900 privately-owned single family home sites. More than 530 homes have been built and less than half are rental properties. The Plantation's amenities are available to all of our guests at Fishy Fishy.

A second large swimming pool, with a shallow section for small children and deeper section for adults and lap swimmers, is now available within the Resort Village fenced area.  Paved parking and gathering areas are provided for access to Jetties and the beach  at the terminus of Leisure Lane, outside Schooner Landing.  Additional benches and resting areas have been added to our bike paths to make the five-mile trek even better. Finally, free Wi-Fi service is available at both the Plantation Clubhouse and the RVA clubhouse. 

Other amenities include twenty-six over-dune boardwalks leading to the Gulf of Mexico along with miles of bike and walking paths, lined by ancient trees and featuring vistas to the Bay or Gulf.  Nick's Hole State Reserve offers walking trails around the Cove and a kayak launch into the Bay.  Tully Park is the best place to view the salt marsh. Shore fishing can be enjoyed at the jetties of Bob Sikes Cut or from the beach. The Plantation offers three tennis courts--one of which features two pickle ball courts--and a fitness center open 24 hours a day.  The Clubhouse complex also has a large swimming pool. These fenced facilities are available only to designated homes, including Fishy Fishy. 

The Plantation is in an almost pristine condition.  In addition to being home to a few humans, it is home to a wide variety of wildlife such as eagles, ospreys, owls, herons, shore birds, alligators, snakes, and turtles, to name a few.  Please be aware of possible encounters with and inherent risks involved when you are out and about the island.  In most cases, federal law prohibits tampering with, feeding or otherwise interfering with these animals.

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